You have just been arrested in Shanghai and you already feel like you are going to miss your comfort zone?

No need to panic! Even in Chinese jail, you can do shopping to get little treats to enjoy your everyday life there.

Indeed, each prisoner has at his/her disposal a kind of bank account at the detention centre. Every transfer is limited to 2,000 RMB and can only be done by post. The prisoner can spend a maximum of 500 RMB per month. These criteria remain the same for a foreigner as for a Chinese citizen.

Coster Associates Law firm herein provides you the list of commodities you can purchase at the Shanghai detention centre shop. It can be noticed a wide variety of goods: food and hygiene products are even cheaper than outside.

If these services seem interesting, do not forget that a stay in detention centre or jail in China is not the most pleasant. Please take your precautions to avoid it as much as you can!

PS: WeChat and Alipay way of payment are not available and the “Kuadi” shall stay out of the detention centre!

Enjoy your reading!

Coster Associates Law Firm Team.