C&A is a select group of international law specialists who focus on personalized service for our clients by combining the extensive experience and knowledge that only comes from actually practicing law in the region with beyond the box thinking. Additionally, C&A maintains close working relationships with key governmental and regulatory agencies across Asia. All of this means C&A is able to quickly and efficiently facilitate the legal needs of our clients.


Value Added Legal Expertize

C&A is dynamic and adaptable, with a wide range of experience practicing and applying the law in Asia and around the globe with a thinking ahead approach.

More than just listening to our clients and then guiding them toward an obvious solution, C&A strives to go further by building genuine value into our representation, combining experience with expert research to create solutions that turn potential problems into sought-after opportunities.

These value added services are the core of C&A's service because our clients deserve legal assistance that is as dedicated to their interests as they are. For specific details regarding some of the many services C&A provides in Asia, see our Services.

Local Firm, Global Presence


C&A has law offices in two locations in China and Europe, making it easy to get the help and representation you need on a worldwide scale.

C&A has presence in:

  • Paris, France
  • Shanghai, China

Proven International Representation

Whenever legal representation is required, C&A only partners and consults with the best law firms in Asia sharing the same values. This means that our clients are never asked to blindly put faith in an unproven lawyer or law firm, and it guarantees that you always have access to C&A's stellar client service because C&A handles every step of the legal coordination personally.